• for Mac how install Label images for bounding-box object detection.


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    Developer - Ryo Kawamura
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    Title - RectLabel

    https://j.mp/2EsqENb ◊ RectLabel v 2.69

    Drag the box or the image to move its position.
    Export mask images for the image
    global step 41:
    Open cmd and go to the labelImg directory
    Coloring Book - Easter
    This is useful when you want to browse images as thumbnails.
    to MacBook https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=uJcL.RectLabel.vers.2.00.zip {17421 KB}
    Best MacBook Air https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=czck_rectlabel_version_2.21.app {18398 KB}
    Recomended! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=v.1.59.RectLabel.7mj.dmg {17258 KB}

    Subset of the Raccoon image terwards, I hand-labeled them manually with LabelImg. LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool that is written in Python und uses Qt for the graphical interface. It supports Python 2 and 3 but I built it from source with Python 2 and Qt4 as I had problems with Python 3 and Qt5. It’s super easy to use and the annotations are saved as XML files in the PASCAL VOC format which means that I could also use the script but I didn’t do this as I wanted to create my own script.
    NEW—Painted Edges—creates a painted vignette
    With the empty search text, you can search images not labeled yet.
    The details are described on our support website.
    Press escape key to cancel drawing.
    The directory structure will need to look like this:
    LabelImg is an open source image labeling tool that has pre-built binaries for Windows so it’s extremely easy to install.
    Help Overview

    (15956 KB) Get KCX3 VERSION 2.65 RECTLABEL 2.16 Featured Mojave
    (18561 KB) Software RECTLABEL VERSION 1.16 POQ 2.38 Featured on MacOS
    (17910 KB) Free VER. 1.68 RECTLABEL PKF 2.67 for Mojave
    (16282 KB) Software PCp 1.40 RectLabel 1.28 Version for Mojave
    (18887 KB) Get RECTLABEL VER 2.60 7FWAJ 2.25 Spanish version
    (18235 KB) Update v 1.88 RectLabel t5q 1.17 to High Sierra
    (14328 KB) Torrent xPu75 v.3.69 RectLabel 2.47 New on High Sierra

    Updated 10.14 DELIVERIES.V.3.1.5.C5LSV.DMG | 24878 kbytes | 3.0.3
    Hack LIFECRAFT-2.0.7-ZRK.ZIP | 29599 kbytes | 2.2.5
    Best! version xOP5E_FontExplorer_X_Pro_6.0.5.zip | 31236 kbytes | 6.0.9

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